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Some of Horology's E-mailing Lists Sign-up Information.

    The largest list for people who are in the clock trade
is the E-mailing list called Clocksmiths.  The requirements for
membership are that you MUST be directly involved in the clock trade
either through consultation, education, repairs, sales, or as a supplier.

Clocksmiths has about 700 members and limits its' discussions about watches to their repair only and devotes the collective energies of its' membership on better and smarter clock repair and restoration.
The E-mail volume is somewhere in between that of alt.horology and Clocks. The focus is much more structured because of a very active and concerned listowner. The other two resources, although very good, tend to stray away from their original focus of horology and get into non-relevant areas because they do not have active "owners".
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Another list for people who are interested in clocks is the E-mailing list called Clockgroup.
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For watchmakers, there is a group that was an off shoot of AWCI's now defunct group.
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Another group for watchmakers, there is the following group.

An alternative for NAWCC members only is NAWCC's E-mailing list. The Members Forum was established to discuss NAWCC business, not horology in general or technical issues. You may sign up by giving the following information: Your name, your membership #, and your E-mail address and sent it to:
A different E-mail address for the actual discussions list will be given at the time of your approval.
NAWCC also has a message board and is open to everyone.

Two very specific horological groups by Sylvester A Crowley are:
American Watches
Gustav Becker Clocks

Horology for Mini Lathes is a group to share information on clock making ideas for the metalworking lathe owner.

Clockmakers For constructors of high quality horological items

For electric clock enthusiasts, there is another yahoo group located at:

I have a group devoted to the professional service of the Atmos clock but you MUST meet the following requirements in order to join.
You are currently proficient at the overhaul of the Atmos clock and I'll need to know how many Atmos' you have worked on, your business name, how did you learn to work on the Atmos, and how long have you been in the business of repairing clock and/or watches. Clock and watch suppliers are always welcome, as are hobbyists. Hobbyists must demonstrate their Atmos repair proficiency.

Simply paste or type your E-mail address in the box below and you will automatically receive a file asking you for your professional qualifications.

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Alt.horology is the USENET newsgroup covering clocks and watches. This is a good place for the "casual" collector or hobbyist to "hang out" because of its relative light traffic. There is about ten (10) times more activity on the listserver than the newsgroup.
I don't have the ability to explain how a newsgroup works but you can choose your favorite search engine and ask their computer via a search.
Happy hunting.

A service from, E-mail address
Mike Murray Founder of Clocksmiths

A specialist in Atmos and 400-day clock repair.
Also, I overhaul most Electric clocks.
In continuous service since 04/01/1982.

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