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Atmos Clock & Herschede Clock Dating Information.

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LeCoultre Atmos dating by serial #$atmos.pdf  

Using the PDF file above you will see some of the Atmos clocks listed by serial # that I've worked on and you can extrapolate the date of your Atmos from those listed.

     LeCoultre Atmos Dating by Decades     

Decade Range of Serial #ís
2000ís 705,000 and up (Educated guess)
1990ís 650,000 to 704,999
1980ís 520,000 to 649,999
1970ís 300,000 to 519,999
1960ís 127,000 to 299,999
1950ís 25,000 to 126,999
1940ís 6,500 to 24,999
1939 6,000 to 6,499

LeCoultre went into full production around May of 1939. The above dates and serial numbers will give you a reliable way to date any Atmos. Please realize that this is not an exact list because LeCoultre did keep some serial numbers for certain calibers and they tend to jump, so there is some overlap but the above is about 98% correct.
The guess on the 2000ís and up is because all the dates are based on my overhauls of the Atmos and I simply have only overhauled a few made after 1999.
Now for the specific dating information I offer.
The following Acrobat file contains some of the Atmos clocks I have work on, listed by serial number. After the serial number is the date that was found on the bellows. The bellows were made in batches, so there is some duplication but more than enough information to date your specific Atmos to within a month or so. All I ask is that you reference where you obtained this information if you use it anywhere on the Web including sales or auctions.$atmos.pdf This file contains some of the serial #'s of Atmos clocks that I have repaired that still have had the original bellow intact. The serial numbers are located on top of the movement next to the fast-slow adjustment. On some early caliber 519's and the Atmos II´s the serial number is located on the bottom of the movement and you can see it through the front of the case. The caliber's from the 522 to the Atmos' made today are stamped, with the particular caliber #, on the bottom of the case. The Atmos II and caliber 519 were not stamped on the bottom and are nearly identical. You can tell the difference because the Atmos II has the speed adjustment as a turn screw rather than a slide lever, which is found on the caliber 519 and all models since.
Estimating the value of your Atmos
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Herschede Dating Information Herschede dating can also be obtained in an Adobe Acrobat file located at:
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